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TaTaaia com is name of a insurance company, it provides many types of insurance policies like tax saving plans, term insurance, security of insurance etc. This is very trustable and famous life insurance company in India (TATA AIA).

We all know the value of insurance in our life, that’s why we all have to go for insurance. But the thing is finding a valuable and trustable insurance provider is such a big deal. But this TATA AIA is very trustable company  and you can go for it.

Benefits & Negative Sides Of Tata AIA Life Insurance

Comprehensive Product Offerings : We all know that people need to take many things without thinking and saying, and this Tata AIA is best for such people in every way, because Tata AIA has life insurance They have a big list, a big chain, they have many such plans.

Just understand that Tata AIA company has similar insurance plans for every person according to his need and this is its specialty. Because each person needs different types of things and Tata AIA has proved to be very effective in giving insurance to each person according to them.

Competitive Premium Rates : A very good thing about Tata AIA is that they offer life insurance plans at a very affordable rate, which the common man can also take.

For this reason, its range increases and everyone can take its plan, due to which its reach increases further. Another point from Tata AIA is that “To enable more and more people to take advantage of life insurance, they have also reduced the premium rates of their plans for women and non-smokers. This is a very good and commendable move.

High Claim Settlement Ratio : Perhaps you would not know that Tata AIA has been most successful in claiming its life insurance, its claim ratio is 99.06%. Having such a ratio is a very big thing. That is, Tata AIA is able to successfully claim 99.06% of its life insurance claims.

Now think for yourself, if someone has taken insurance and he gets such a success rate while claiming insurance, then why would he not choose such a company. That’s why Tata AIA Life Insurance with 99.06% ratio is winning the hearts of its customers and is also getting new customers day by day.

Extensive Network of Branches: Another good thing about Tata AIA company is that their life insurance company is in many places all over India, if counted then their branches are around 216. And the customer satisfaction record across all the branches is also very good.

Tata AIA Life Insurance is a very large and customer-satisfying insurance network, looking at the current status of Tata AIA, soon its services will increase even more and its popularity will also increase.

Strong Online Presence : Tata AIA has maintained its hold very well in the online world as well, customers can visit the Tata AIA Life Insurance website to buy their plan and get their policy information. According to the way online frauds are going on in today’s time, the website of Tata AIA is very secure and you can use it with full confidence.

Apart from branches, providing such good services through online website is a great thing, it helps Tata AIA customers to get their insurance plan or other information from website whenever and wherever they want, There is no need for them to go to the branch for this.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company gives a very good policy, but just as there is some deficiency in everything, similarly Tata AIA has also seen some shortcomings, there are some problems that have been seen by the people.

Limited Online Plan Options : There is no doubt that there is a bad thing in Tata AIA Life Insurance Company, but their online services are very less compared to their competitors, although there is no shortage in the quality of their services, but Their competitors have more options of services in the online website which becomes a negative point for Tata AIA Life Insurance.

The disadvantage of this is that the customers who want to buy insurance online, they see some problems and lack of options, just if Tata AIA Life Insurance Company increases the options of insurance in its online services a little more, then it will be able to give more ease to its competitors. Can win the hearts of online customers by beating them.

No Health Insurance Plans: Another negative point is that Tata AIA Life Insurance does not have any health insurance coverage options. Which forces the customers to think while taking insurance, now for the customer who is looking for all types of health insurance, Tata AIA Life Insurance will not prove to be that good and that customer has to change for another company, because Due to non-availability of health coverage option, the customer will have to go to another company.

By James Nick

Hi, I am insurance expert, in this blog I will teach you about insurance services, policies and all about insurances. I have long experience and I also worked as Insurance agent in some companies.

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